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Minimum Wage Commission has submitted the Study Report on Enhancing the Review Mechanism of the Statutory Minimum Wage

As announced in the Chief Executive (CE)’s 2022 Policy Address, the Government would invite the Minimum Wage Commission (MWC) to study how to enhance the review mechanism of the Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW), including the review cycle, how to improve efficiency, and balancing a host of factors such as the minimum wage level and sustained economic development, and make proposals to the Government.

CE has subsequently tasked MWC to conduct the above study pursuant to section 12(2) of the Minimum Wage Ordinance (Cap. 608). MWC has completed the study and submitted the study report on enhancing the review mechanism of SMW to CE today (October 31).

MWC comprises a Chairperson and 12 Members from the labour sector, the business sector, the academia and the Government. Apart from reviewing the views and information provided by the public and the related organisations during the two-stage consultation, MWC has also analysed the relevant factors (covering general economic conditions, labour market conditions, competitiveness and social inclusion, etc.) which were considered during the past reviews of the SMW rate. When deliberating on various options for enhancing the review mechanism, MWC has taken into account the views of employers and employees as well as Hong Kong’s economic situation.

The Government will carefully consider and follow up on the recommendations made by MWC, so as to chart the way forward for the review mechanism within six months. MWC will publish the study report in due course.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023
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